Playoff Rules & Schedule

Playoff Rules
1. The format of the wild-card will be a 9 inning game but the game is over if the higher seed is winning after 7 innings. The game will continue to 9 innings if the lower seeded team is winning after 7 innings. 
2. In the wild card game, each Captain will have a chance to pick their open inning in either the 7th or 9th inning. It must be called to the umpire before the first pitch of that inning.
3. The Semi-finals and final will be a standard 9 inning game. 
4. Games will be capped at 120 minutes if 9 innings cannot be completed. 

 Playoff Schedule
August 29th (Wild Card)
Game 1: 2pm - #2 Seed vs #1 Seed (For 1st place in playoff seeding)
Game 2: 4pm - #6 Seed vs #3 Seed (Elimination game)
Game 3: 6pm - #5 Seed vs #4 Seed (Elimination game)

September 11th (Semi-finals)
Game 4: 3:30pm - Winner game 3 vs Winner game 1
Game 5: 5:45pm - Winner game 2 vs Loser game 1

September 12th (Final)
Game 6: 4:30pm - Winner game 5 vs Winner game 4



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