2023 Champions - Abbasids

The Abbasids beat the Mamluks 12-9 in the BSL Final. The Abbasids jumped out to a 8-2 lead before the Mamluks scored 4 in the 6th. Zeshan Alam made maybe the best catch in league history to save a grand slam to keep the Mamluks in the game. The Abbasids put up 4 in the 8th capped by an Umair Sheikh HR for a comfortable lead. The Mamluks tried to mount a comeback but their offense just couldn't get it going. Congrats to the Mamluks and the rest of the teams on an impressive season. The Abbasids came to play on Sunday, led by Playoff MVP Tanseer Khawaja who only allowed 11 runs in 18 innings.   

The title was the third for Mohamed Kala (2016, 2019); Bilal Javed (2017, 2019), Saqib Khokhar (2021, 2022) the second for Ahmad Ammad (2019), Umair Sheikh (2016), Ahmed Butt (2019); and the first for Tanseer Khawaja, Akif Waheed, Abdullah Akhtar, Arif Iqbal, Muddasir Khan, and Syed Raza. Congratulations! 



2023 Playoff Rules

Welcome to the Post-season. This Saturday will be the wild-card and quarter-finals, with the Semis and Final on Sunday.

2PM: Ottomans v Nasrids
4PM: Ottomans/Nasrids v Sultans
6PM: Mughals v Ayyubids
8PM: Mughals/Ayyubids v Seljuqs

2PM: Winner Quarter1 v Mamluks
4PM: Winner Quarter2 v Abbasids
6PM: 2023 BSL Final    

Playoff Rules: 
- All games will be 9 innings
- Higher seeded team will always be home team
- There will be no reseeding, bracket format will be used
- 4 courtesy runners will be allowed for the 9 inning game (including extra innings)
- If game is tied, will go to international rule with 1 out and last out at 2B. No extra courtesy runners in extra innings.
- No practice or BP will be allowed on BW1 before or between games
- All teams must play all 12 players
- Teams can request a sub with 24 hour notice for any players missing
- Sub must bat last but can play any position
- If a sub is not used, the missing player will be an automatic out at the bottom of the order EXCEPT if the batter before the auto out is walked
- If a player gets hurt during the game, there will be no penalty for that DAY (1 or 2 games) as long as he stays in the teams dugout (except for going to hospital)
- If he gets hurt on Saturday, the team can call a sub on Sunday or take the auto out.

All games will start with handshakes and an opening dua. Good luck to all the teams. 

2023 Team Charity Days

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Assalamualaikum. Here are the team charity weeks.    

Team Charity Weeks: 
Week 2 June 4: Mamluks
Week 3 June 11: Nasrids
Week 4 June 18: Seljuqs 
Week 5 June 25: Sultans 
Week 6 July 9: Ayyubids
Week 7/8 July 16/30: Mughals 
Week 10 Aug 13: Ottomans
Week 11 Aug 20: Abbasids

The two teams that raise the most amount of money will have a practice field booked for them priort to the playoffs covered by our charity committee. Good luck!

2023 Preseason Update #2

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Assalamualaikum. Ramadan Mubarak! We are exactly two months away from the first pitch for the 2023 season. Still lots of planning and organizing to be done, but we are almost there.   

2023 updates: 
1. Our Ramadan campaign is live. Donate today to support Shelters in Syria for displaced families in partnership with Islamic Relief Canada. 
Donate Here: 

2. Last week we announced our GM pairings for the upcoming season: 
Abbasids: Bilal Javed & Mohamed Kala
Ayyubids: Michael Arlitt & Taqi Ahmed

Mamluks: Jibran Waqar & Raza Zahur
Mughals: Rehan Ahmad & Riyad Ramjaun
Ottomans: Shaheen Limbada & Faisal Khan

Nasrids: Osman Buttar & Jav Ahmed
Seljuqs: Sameer Rafique & Shoaib Gaya

Sultans: Tamour Sheikh & Khizer Channa  

3. The BSL Draft will be held on Sunday April 9th from 1:40pm to 4pm at Islamic Community Centre of Milton (8069 Esquesing Road, Milton). All players are welcome to attend the draft. 

4. There is one major rule change this year: BSL will be going to a 1-1 count to start each at bat.  

We will keep you updated as more details are available inshaAllah. 

Ramadan Kareem and hope to see you soon.   

2023 Preseason Update #1

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Assalamualaikum. This is Year 10! We are excited for the upcoming season. We have plans to make this the best season yet. We have extended the management team to add more brothers that can help with running the league. InshaAllah the league will be better with their help!  

2023 updates: 
1. As mentioned in the townhall, we invited nominations for brothers to join the management team. After due process, here are the new members of the management team: 
          Operations: Mohamed Kala, Rehan Ahmad, Riyad Ramjaun, Zahid Merchant
         Gameday: Aamir Husany, Hamza Waheed, Zain Malik, Zain Khilji
         Charity: Faisal Khan, Zia Beg, Umer Jabbar, Zahid Merchant
         Social Media/Communications: Emad Ahmed, Jav Ahmed, Taqi Ahmed, Hashim Ghazi    

2. We have a lot planned for this upcoming season, all players will be getting a limited edition BSL 10 year Hat and we will be holding a 10 year anniversary gala in October. All 2023 players will have the cost of the gala event covered and subsidized in their 2023 registration fee.  

3. Registration will open on March 16th for returning players and new players on March 25th. Cost of the 2023 season will be $225 which includes a ticket to the gala event. 

4. We are still sorting out the weeks we will be playing this summer, Teams will only have 2 game weeks during the month of July to allow for vacations/family time. We also start after Victoria Day to give everyone weekends after Ramadan. 

Here is the tenative schedule for the 2023 season 
Exhibition: May 14th  

Off week: May 21st (Victoria Day)
Week 1: May 28th - Opening Day 
Week 2: June 4th
Week 3: June 11th
Week 4: June 18th
Week 5: June 25th
Off week: July 2nd  (Canada Day)

Week 6: July 9th 
Week 7: July 16th (Bye week for half the teams)
Off week: July 23rd
Week 8: July 30th (Bye week for half the teams)
Midseason Tourny: August 6th  (Civic Day)
Week 9: Aug 13th
Week 10: Aug 20nd
Week 11: Make-up week
Off week: Sept 3rd (Labour day)
Playoffs: Sept 9th  (Wild-Card Saturday)
Playoffs: Sept 10th (Championship Sunday)

We will keep you updated as more details are available inshaAllah. 

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.   

2022 Champions - Nasrids

The Nasrids beat the Mughals 20-9 enroute to their first BSL title.  The game started with the Nasrids jumping out to a quick 10-0 lead thanks to two HRs by Jibran Waqar and one by Nabeel Jabbar. The Mughals fought back to get the game to 10-9 with the tying run on 2nd in the 5th inning but that is as close as they would come. A big 7 run inning in the bottom of the 5th inning sparked by Ismail and Ahmed helped the Nasrids pull away. The Nasrids played lock down D the rest of the game to close out their first title. Congrats to the Mughals and the rest of the teams on an impressive season. The 2022 playoffs were probably one of the best in history.    

The title was the third for Baseer Yasseen (2016, 2021); the second for Saqib Khokhar (2021), Faisal Khan (2018), Jibran Waqar (2016); Jav Ahmed (2019) and the first for Osman Buttar, Nirvaan Latif, Raza Zahur, Zeshan Alam, Ismail Mohamed, Ahmed Jowhar, and Nabeel Jabbar. Congratulations! 



2022 Playoffs

[written by Zahid Merchant]

The Playoffs are here! It has been a record breaking season this year and we look forward to more excitement in the playoff tournament on Saturday Sept 10th and Sunday Sept 11th.
The bracket is as follows and there will be no re-seeding.  
2022 Playoff Format and Rules: 
1. Game times for our playoffs games have been posted. The higher seed will always be home team: 2022 Playoff Schedule

2. All regular players are EXPECTED to play all playoff games. If you are not able to play, please contact league management ASAP. (No Subs will be allowed)
3. All games will be 9 innings or 2 hours (no new inning after 110 mins but will have a hard stop with warning). Any games that ends in a tie, will go to international rules (Inning begins with 1 out and last out starts at 2B)
4. All games will have 2 umpires officiating the game (Home plate umpire and bases umpire)
5. Intentional walk rule will be ENFORCED by the umpires and there will be stricter penalties
6. Only current team members are allowed in the dugout and as base coaches
7. League will be providing snacks for players on Saturday and Sunday as a thank you for our success during charity days 

Good Luck to all teams!


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