2024 Preseason update #2:

Assalamualaikum. We are getting closer to the start of the season. All the details are being sorted out. Here are some latest updates for the upcoming season: 

Please contribute to our charity campaign to support Gaza immigrants living with nothing. We hope each player can take it upon themselves to raise a minimum of $500 for this campaign if not more. Zakat eligible. Get your friends and family to support this initiative. InshaAllah when we reach our goal, there will be some amazing things for the league this year. Let's reach our goal of $50K inshaAllah. 


Every team will have 3 bye weeks this season, your GM will be responsible for picking the bye weeks, provide your input here: https://forms.gle/n1tS2ds7LdjHP84F6

Changes for 2024
Mid-season tournament: The first 6 games of the season for each team will count towards the standings for the Mid-season tournament. After week 4, the top 4 teams will advance to the semis that will be played on Friday June 14th 6:30pm at Drumquin Park. Two semis + final will crown the annual Mid-season tournament winner. Playoff rules apply in the tournament playoffs. 

Courtesy runners: Teams will be allowed 4 courtesy runners this year. If a team has an injury, GMs can agree to allow that one person unlimited courtesies but then the team is only allowed 3 courtesies for the rest of the team. Last out is still the courtesy runner 

Playoff rules: If a team is missing a player in the playoffs, they will be given auto-outs based on the round the player was drafted in. Failure to attend playoff games will result in a penalty for the team in auto-outs.

Playoff format: BSL will have a double elimination playoff format this year. Higher seed will be home team for the entire playoffs. Games will be played Sunday Sept 8th, Saturday Sept 14th and Sunday Sept 15th all between 9am and 3pm. All 8 teams make the playoffs. Please keep your schedules clear for those dates. 

Zero tolerance policy: We will have a zero tolerance policy going forward. Any abusive behaviour, aggressive chirping or slander of anyone in the league will be dealt with harshly. There will be no warnings. This is a recreational league amongst brothers. Brotherhood and sportsmanship come first, competition comes second. 

Brotherhood Sports is a registered Non-Profit organization with the province of Ontario


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