2023 Preseason Update #2

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Assalamualaikum. Ramadan Mubarak! We are exactly two months away from the first pitch for the 2023 season. Still lots of planning and organizing to be done, but we are almost there.   

2023 updates: 
1. Our Ramadan campaign is live. Donate today to support Shelters in Syria for displaced families in partnership with Islamic Relief Canada. 
Donate Here: 

2. Last week we announced our GM pairings for the upcoming season: 
Abbasids: Bilal Javed & Mohamed Kala
Ayyubids: Michael Arlitt & Taqi Ahmed

Mamluks: Jibran Waqar & Raza Zahur
Mughals: Rehan Ahmad & Riyad Ramjaun
Ottomans: Shaheen Limbada & Faisal Khan

Nasrids: Osman Buttar & Jav Ahmed
Seljuqs: Sameer Rafique & Shoaib Gaya

Sultans: Tamour Sheikh & Khizer Channa  

3. The BSL Draft will be held on Sunday April 9th from 1:40pm to 4pm at Islamic Community Centre of Milton (8069 Esquesing Road, Milton). All players are welcome to attend the draft. 

4. There is one major rule change this year: BSL will be going to a 1-1 count to start each at bat.  

We will keep you updated as more details are available inshaAllah. 

Ramadan Kareem and hope to see you soon.   


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